Tech Tips

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Battery Side
diagram 4
A :Motor power line it has three lines with green connectors, poor contact or disconnect any one, here the motor will lose balance, or driving when there is abnormal sound. Any two points is bad or disconnected, the motor will not work here. Battery/warning light does not flash.
B :5 wire harness, thin constitution-red, yellow, blue, green, black. If a cable connection is bad, it will cause both sides of the motors not to work. Battery/warning light flashes 5 times each.
C: 4 wire connector (red, blue, green, black). If this is disconnected, motor will not work but running light will work and power light will flash one time. It connects to the sensor board.
D and F: 3 wire connector (red, blue, black). Running lights (light up blue) on front of board. Wires connect running light to sensor board. All iWalker hoverboards will have hot glue securing the light board in place to help prevent vibrations.
E: 4 wire connector(Red, black, brown orange) Battery light cable connector
Motherboard Side
 diagram 5
G: 4 wire connector (red, blue, green, black). If any cable is disconnected, the motor will not work on either side. The power light will work but the battery/warning light will not flash.
H :5 wire connector (red, blue, green, black). If any cable does not have a good connection, the battery/warning light will flash 4 times and the motor will not work.
I :Power lines (3 wires with green connectors) on the battery side. All 3 must be connected to maintain balance of the board. If one is disconnected, it will lose balance and/or make noises. If two are disconnected, the motor will not function at all and battery/warning light will not flash.
J: 2 wire connector (red, black). Wire that connects the charging port the motherboard. If not connected, your will not take a charge.
K: 2 wire connector (red, red)Connects power button to motherboard. Switch will not function if either wire is not connected properly.
L: Goes to the power light.(3 wires: red, brown, black). Connects power light to sensor board.
Battery/warning light flashes one time: Harness “C” is at fault
Battery/warning light flashes two times: unknown
Battery/warning light flashes three times: Motor short-circuit fault
Battery/warning light flashes four times: H partial failure
Battery/warning light flashes five times: B partial failure
Battery/warning light flashes six times: Battery failure
Battery/warning light flashes seven times: Battery side sensor board failure
Battery/warning light flashes eight times: Motherboard side sensor board failure.
Orange light when plugged in we have found to often be the battery itself.
If no codes are being shown & power does not stay on even when connected to the charger, test the wheel motor wiring by unplugging the 3 green connectors and its harness for the wheel. Press power button. If the power is now on, that wheel motor needs replaced.
Before replacement, first try to unplug and replug a connector once issue is located. Ensure wires are connected to plugs

To recalibrate board settings if hoverboard is not staying balanced, first turn off and put on level surface. Press and hold switch for 10 seconds until power light flashes the second time. Wait one minute to use.