Read below the answers to some frequently asked questions


All payments are made through paypal. You can use your paypal account or a credit card through paypal.

Typically, 2-5 business days but will depend on size of order and your location. 

Financial information is done through Paypal so it is secured by them. We will not give out personal information that you supply us with for your transaction.

Yes, one will be sent to your email you have provided.

Take pictures of the condition of how it arrived before you open anything. We only ship out items if the boxes have not been damaged en route to our warehouse. Your claim will likely be made with the shipping company, but call us first. You will need the pictures for proof.

Yes, we have parts available for purchase. However, the physical labor of rebuilding will be up to you to perform or outsource.

Check the website a few times a week to find out.

While not necessary, safety gear is recommended. The top speed of 10mph means the Iwalker is quick enough to get some rashes and bruises during a fall.

No, the cover to the electrical components is not water tight. 

The only condition we have for returns in that the product does not work upon arrival. If this is the case, you must call us within one week of receiving the product to receive an authorization code for the return to be included on your shipment back. Any returns must have all of the original packaging.