Why the iWalker Hoverboard is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Why the iWalker Hoverboard is the Perfect Holiday Gift

Sometimes you need a gift that’ll knock someone off their feet. For a surprise that won’t soon be forgotten, think about gifting your loved one a self-balancing scooter. One step on an iWalker hoverboard will have you hooked! These 5 reasons will show you exactly why a new hoverboard makes the perfect gift for the holidays.

Great for All Ages

iWalker hoverboards will make anyone’s day — from teenagers who love the skate scene to more mature folks who like the thought of a streamlined, quick way to get around. Choose from a 6-inch or 8-inch hoverboard for your recipients to best fit their stance. Either way, you can expect to rack up 12 to 15 miles between charges, depending on the terrain you travel, with about 5 hours of battery life. A full recharge takes just two hours so it doesn’t take long to get back up and going again!

Full of Personality

From sleek white to sizzling fire red or pink, you can choose the perfect color to give away. Easygoing, chic style means the iWalker looks great in a variety of settings and unobtrusively gets you where you’re going in the blink of an eye. Going places has never looked so good.

Our Hoverboards Have Features Like Bluetooth Connectivity and a Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

A Great Deal

On sale, the 6″ iWalker hoverboard starts at just $369 (marked down from $899). And for a limited time, if you buy three, you’ll get $60 off your purchase. Buy five and save $150. An iWalker is more practical than jewelry, more fun than other tech gadgets and the perfect choice for the person who’s got it all. And at this price, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal on an awesome gift that’s as cool as it is fun to use.

Easy to Use

Hoverboards might look a little intimidating, but it’s incredibly easy to get the hang of zipping around on one. Built-in gyroscopes in the wheel mechanisms keep the board upright with minimal effort on your part. It’ll just take a few minutes to master steering and controlling your speed. Features like Bluetooth connectivity and a 440maH lithium-ion battery will keep you going longer than you might expect. And the entire package weighs just 26 pounds (for the 8″ iWalker) for hours of fun.

Purchasing an iWalker just makes sense whether it’s for a college student who needs to dart from one class to another or a retiree who wants to be able to do more sightseeing or shopping than they thought possible. And thanks to a top-notch warranty and low-cost replacement parts, you can expect this gift to last. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your iWalker hoverboard today! Order by Dec. 21 and choose expedited shipping and your iWalker hoverboard should arrive in time for Christmas Day.

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